Go Team GB!!

Yes folks, it’s another refashion inspired by the lovely Liz at Cotton and Curls!  (Who, by the way, just delivered her gorgeous little boy – congratulations on Oliver’s arrival!)

You’ve probably heard that there’s something sporty going on in London this summer. Something to do with Visa I think, or Coke, or Maccy D’s or something?

Kidding. I’m as excited as a kid in a sweetshop that the whole world will be watching the Olympic Games from my home and favourite city in the whole world this summer, and I’m just hoping and praying that a) the weather holds and b) Team GB knock the socks off the competition.

I’m not going to a LOT of Olympic events – Mr Oh and I have got tickets to the Olympic mountainbiking (awesome!) and the cycling time trials at the Paralympics (yay!). But I do plan to spend a lot of my spare time in front of big screens in parks, and there’s a couple of Olympic-themed parties I’m going to, so naturally I need something to wear, right?

Only, for some strange reason, you can’t buy the Team GB stuff in maternity shapes. (OK, not that much of a surprise!). Still, I’m gutted. I considered fabric paint, I considered cutting out the emblems from a regular tee and stitching them, applique sty-lee, onto a maternity top, I considered just wearing a guy’s shirt and having done with it. (Mmm, attractive!). And then I came across this genius tutorial from Liz, and for once in my life I actually followed it with no mods (well, I read it through a couple of times and then I winged it. Which is about as close as I get to following anything to the letter). And here are the results:

London 2012, here I come!! Oh, and GO TEAM GB. We’re all behind you, and incredibly proud.



I just cam-em-bert to give it up!

There are milestones that you remember in pregnancy.  The 12 weeks scan, and seeing your baby for the first time.  Hearing the heartbeat at the 16 week appointment.  The quickening (when you first start to feel your baby move).  All of these things have happened to me and Mr Oh in the last few weeks, and it’s wonderful.

But there’s another one for me, too.  I will remember 16 weeks for another reason.  I will remember it as the week where I discovered that you can still eat brie and camembert AS LONG AS IT’S COOKED.  As a cheese lover, and a pregnant craver of dairy produce, this news sparked within me near-ridiculous amounts of glee.

I’m also determined not to put on too much weight, though, and so I was loathe to run out and buy a brie for our ceramic brie-baking pot (a most excellent Christmas present from the little sister last year!).  I have managed to hold off for a couple of weeks, until I could work it into a reasonably healthy week of meals.  And that’s what led up to last night’s dinner (and today’s lunch) of courgette and camembert tart:


And boy was it worth it.  Ah, old friend, it is gloriously good to have you back.


One hand in my pocket.

So I started my second maternity refashioning project today – I’m taking a large, men’s stripey shirt (yes, another one!) and making it into a lovely longline maternity top, again inspired by a tutorial, this time by the fab Meg at DIY Maternity.  I’m still trying to make it work (I’m a bit bigger than she is to start off with, and my shirt is a bit snugger, but I’m getting there!) so I’ll post on that when I’ve worked it out.

In the meantime though, I diligently took the pocket off the front of my charity shop shirt, and thought I’d whip up a little brooch…

a pretty pin from a cotton pocket

What do you think?  Not exactly groundbreaking, I know, but kind of cute, I thought!

In other news, had my 16 week midwife appointment this morning.  How incredible it is to hear the rhythmic, rushing sound of your baby’s heartbeat!  Mr Oh was there and heard it for the very first time, so it was all a bit emotional.  Other than that, all is well, so that’s a big relief.  Next stop anomaly scan (20 weeks!).  That’s when we get to see Puddin’ again, and I can’t wait.