One hand in my pocket.

So I started my second maternity refashioning project today – I’m taking a large, men’s stripey shirt (yes, another one!) and making it into a lovely longline maternity top, again inspired by a tutorial, this time by the fab Meg at DIY Maternity.  I’m still trying to make it work (I’m a bit bigger than she is to start off with, and my shirt is a bit snugger, but I’m getting there!) so I’ll post on that when I’ve worked it out.

In the meantime though, I diligently took the pocket off the front of my charity shop shirt, and thought I’d whip up a little brooch…

a pretty pin from a cotton pocket

What do you think?  Not exactly groundbreaking, I know, but kind of cute, I thought!

In other news, had my 16 week midwife appointment this morning.  How incredible it is to hear the rhythmic, rushing sound of your baby’s heartbeat!  Mr Oh was there and heard it for the very first time, so it was all a bit emotional.  Other than that, all is well, so that’s a big relief.  Next stop anomaly scan (20 weeks!).  That’s when we get to see Puddin’ again, and I can’t wait.



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