I just cam-em-bert to give it up!

There are milestones that you remember in pregnancy.  The 12 weeks scan, and seeing your baby for the first time.  Hearing the heartbeat at the 16 week appointment.  The quickening (when you first start to feel your baby move).  All of these things have happened to me and Mr Oh in the last few weeks, and it’s wonderful.

But there’s another one for me, too.  I will remember 16 weeks for another reason.  I will remember it as the week where I discovered that you can still eat brie and camembert AS LONG AS IT’S COOKED.  As a cheese lover, and a pregnant craver of dairy produce, this news sparked within me near-ridiculous amounts of glee.

I’m also determined not to put on too much weight, though, and so I was loathe to run out and buy a brie for our ceramic brie-baking pot (a most excellent Christmas present from the little sister last year!).  I have managed to hold off for a couple of weeks, until I could work it into a reasonably healthy week of meals.  And that’s what led up to last night’s dinner (and today’s lunch) of courgette and camembert tart:


And boy was it worth it.  Ah, old friend, it is gloriously good to have you back.



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