Go Team GB!!

Yes folks, it’s another refashion inspired by the lovely Liz at Cotton and Curls!  (Who, by the way, just delivered her gorgeous little boy – congratulations on Oliver’s arrival!)

You’ve probably heard that there’s something sporty going on in London this summer. Something to do with Visa I think, or Coke, or Maccy D’s or something?

Kidding. I’m as excited as a kid in a sweetshop that the whole world will be watching the Olympic Games from my home and favourite city in the whole world this summer, and I’m just hoping and praying that a) the weather holds and b) Team GB knock the socks off the competition.

I’m not going to a LOT of Olympic events – Mr Oh and I have got tickets to the Olympic mountainbiking (awesome!) and the cycling time trials at the Paralympics (yay!). But I do plan to spend a lot of my spare time in front of big screens in parks, and there’s a couple of Olympic-themed parties I’m going to, so naturally I need something to wear, right?

Only, for some strange reason, you can’t buy the Team GB stuff in maternity shapes. (OK, not that much of a surprise!). Still, I’m gutted. I considered fabric paint, I considered cutting out the emblems from a regular tee and stitching them, applique sty-lee, onto a maternity top, I considered just wearing a guy’s shirt and having done with it. (Mmm, attractive!). And then I came across this genius tutorial from Liz, and for once in my life I actually followed it with no mods (well, I read it through a couple of times and then I winged it. Which is about as close as I get to following anything to the letter). And here are the results:

London 2012, here I come!! Oh, and GO TEAM GB. We’re all behind you, and incredibly proud.



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